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Food-based enrichment

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Click on the title of each enrichment device to download a pdf with specifications and fabrication
instructions (get Adobe® reader). Special thanks to Jodi Carrigan of Zoo Atlanta for compiling this information.

Manipulable Feeders
Providing food in novel and/or complex containers affords animals opportunities to manipulate objects and to spend more time performing natural foraging behaviors.

Bamboo Shakers

Boomer Ball

Feeder Tube

Paper Mache Devices

Pump Feeder

Smothered Pine Cones

Treat Rattle

Turf Board

Feeders for Browse and Tool Use
Other food-based enrichment objects are particularly useful for encouraging tool use, for the presentation of browse items and/or to extend foraging times.

Crates Tied with Fire Hose

Deer Feeder

Down Under

Fire Hose Bag


Plastic Coke Crates

Raisin Board

Smear Boards

Stuffed PVC

Food Puzzles
Puzzle-feeders provide cognitive enrichment by requiring the animal to solve a problem to reach desired food items.

PVC Cap Feeder


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