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Non-food based enrichment

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Click on the title of each enrichment device to download a pdf with specifications and fabrication
instructions (get Adobe® reader). Special thanks to Jodi Carrigan of Zoo Atlanta for compiling this information.

Social Choice
These enrichment devices and activities provide opportunities to interact with others or the public; or create visual barriers that animals can use when they choose not to socialize.

Peek a Boo

Playground Equipment

Tug of War

Manipulable Objects
Novel objects that are readily manipulated provide animals with choices, control, and opportunities to exercise their cognitive abilities.

Aussie Dog Bungee

Bungee Balls


Nuts and Bolts Toy

PES/POS Universal Bracket for Feeders and Toys

Plastic Bone


PVC Tinker Toys

PVC Covered Chain


Sail Cloth

Spinner Barrel

Tent Swing

Tire Biter

Wrapping Paper

Zoy Toy


Sensory Enrichment
Other enrichment devices provide animals with new and unusual sensory experiences.


Elephant Rattle Bag

Gorilla Fountain

Liquid Light Projector




Rain and Sand Barrel



Visiting Education Animals

Wind Chimes

Window Clings

Nesting and Resting Opportunities
All great apes construct nests either for nighttime sleeping or day rest. These enrichment ideas provide novel rest spots and opportunities to engage in natural nest-building behaviors.

Barrel Bed


Dunnage Racks

Firehose Hammock

Firehose Triangle


PVC and Firehose

Sheet Hammock


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