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All over the world, apes are facing great challenges. The Gorilla SSP® is committed to advancing the care and conservation of gorillas and taking a stand on some of the critical issues facing all apes today -- both here in the United States and overseas in their native habitats.


You've probably seen them on television. Or in the movies. Playing the guitar, skating on an ice rink or dressed up in business suits. It may look funny at first but what you might not realize is that the lives of these incredible animals are not what they seem to be...
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New documentary exposes abuse of ape movie stars.

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A young monkey or ape can be one of the most magnetic sights you will ever see. Instantly, you may feel compelled to hold her, hug her... and maybe even take her home as a pet. Follow these instincts and you could be in for a world of heartache down the road. As primates get older, they won't be as easily handled and the results could be extremely dangerous...
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Closely tied with the illegal bushmeat trade is the problem of widespread and massive loss of primary gorilla habitat in Africa. Habitat fragmentation has a tremendous effect on gorilla populations and threatens their viability for future generations...
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Though habitat loss is often cited as the primary threat to wildlife, commercial hunting for the meat of wild animals such as gorillas has become the most significant threat to the future of wildlife in Africa and around the world...[Read more]


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